background image depicting mountains at night. behind them is a meteor shower; in front of them, there are faint outlines of eyes and the shapes of monster appendages.
Pass your exams. Slay a monster. Make it home for dinner.

Welcome to Emergent.

You were just a kid trying to survive high school - but now you're trying to survive something that's, somehow, even worse. Terrifying monsters are plaguing your town, people are disappearing, and investigators aren't asking the right questions. It's looking like you and your friends are going to have to take matters into your own hands. At least you might be developing superpowers...?

Four high schoolers stand back-to-back in a cirlce, shining flashlights out into the darkness to reveal a mass of pale, mouthless faces staring at them.

In Emergent, you'll play as a group of high schoolers investigating the recent supernatural goings-on where you live. Somehow, something bad has entered your world, and whatever is powering it has given you residual abilities - abilities that are barely there, but seem to be developing on their own. You don't think you can come anywhere close to overpowering it... but you think maybe you can outsmart it.

Join the Fight

With a original dice system, over 20 powers to choose from, and unique systems for crafting, stress, and fear, our robust rounds of beta testing are almost ready for their next wave of recruits.

If you'd like to join our ranks, we should tell you - it isn't easy fighting monsters, having superpowers, and hiding it all from your friends and family. It's even harder when you've got APUSH and Chem tests to study for the next day. But if you insist... well, don't say we didn't warn you.